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Jothi is also a main draw for tourists who stop to sniff the fragrant blooms of jasmine garlands or walk into the store that is filled with rows and rows of shiny brass or silver trays, fragrant incense sticks, camphor and the resin of juniper trees, colourful bangles and bindis.

Jothi Store & Flower Shop (Jothi) is located in the heart of Serangoon Road, Little India. It is a busy and bustling, one-stop shopping; catering to the cultural, religious and social needs of the Indian community.

We provide flowers and garlands meant for all occasions starting from child birth to funerals in our Hindu, Indian Muslim and Indian Christian customs. Jothi also provides floral decorating services such as decorating rooms and beds for nuptial nights as well as wedding car decorations.

Jothi now offers a much wider range of products for our consumers. These include religious statues of various elements, prayer items, handicrafts, Indian cosmetics (Lakme, Shahnaz Husain etc), traditional Ayurvedic medicinal items, Indian cultural dance items, household utensils, electrical grinders and floral arrangements and garlands for all occasions.